I am the wind and I am the trees.

I am the Earth and I am the seas.

I am a mother and I am a child.

I am a lover of passions gone wild.

I am the rain and I am the soul.

I am the one who makes the spirit whole.

I am the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

I am the reaper of seeds that are sown.

I am within and I am without.

I am everywhere and everything about.

As Maiden I gave you the gift of joy.

As Mother I gave you nurturing and care.

As Crone I gave you wisdom unknown.

All of these gifts I have given you to share.

All of these gifts I have given you to share.


The Enchantment School of Witchcraft is a magickal place like no other. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the art of Witchcraft. This is real witchcraft—not that fluffy-bunny-hug-a-tree magick.

The Enchantment School of Witchcraft offers:

  • · One-on-one education to become a witch;
  • · A fulfilling, spiritual journey;
  • · Easy-to-follow witchcraft lessons;
  • · Several levels of training.

At The Enchantment School of Witchcraft, you will receive:

  • · Personal, hands-on instruction;
  • · Individualized guidance;
  • · Information beyond the stereotypic folksy image of the storybook elderly witch with her pointy hat,
  • broomstick, black cat, and crooked smile;
  • · Modern relevant witchcraft learning;
  • · Lessons that reflect current research in Witchcraft ways;
  • · Strategies that teach long-held leadership skills.

At The Enchantment School of Witchcraft, you will learn how to:

  • · Become sensitive to the subtle differences in nature;
  • · Sense the rhythmic vibrations which connect all living things;
  • · Understand the need for balance and humanity;
  • · Align yourself simply and easily with the natural flow of the universe.

What do you need to enrol in The Enchantment School of Witchcraft?

  • · Desire to learn;
  • · Imagination;
  • · A willingness to have an open mind to what others don’t understand;
  • · A true calling in witchcraft;
  • · Dedication to learning the art of witchcraft;
  • · A minimum age of eighteen years or parental permission to enroll.

Check out About the School page for more information. Witchcraft now has a much brighter future. Things have changed. The popularity of witchcraft has never been greater. We are on the brink of a new age. More than ever, people are taking on the challenges of the craft. Don’t delay! Enroll today. Simply click on the link at the top of the page.

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